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“Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.” – Wayne Huizenga

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Unlike other opportunities, our team determines our own success. The harder we work as a team the more successful we will be.

Copy, Paste & Earn

As a valued member of our team you won’t be pushed to recruit anyone. All you have to do is share the link and watch your profits come in.

No Physical Products To Sell

Our concept is simple: Copy, paste & earn. No physical products to sell. That means no fads, crazes, or trends to try and stay ahead of.

Always By Your Side

Our Facebook Group is a constant source of new strategies and advice that will ensure you can grow your income every single month.

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Receive instant access to Facebook banners and post scripts that have been proven to get more website visitors and signups.


Here’s how to quickly start making residual income!

Step 1: Watch The Opportunity Videos

Review our handpicked opportunities and see for yourself just how much money you can make when you join the right one!

Step 2: Pick Your Opportunity

Choose exactly how you want to start earning from anywhere with the click of a button!

Step 3: Submit Your Links

Add your links to our unique link rotator and get onboard with a team that always earns!

Step 4: Connect With the Whole Team

Connect instantly via a private Facebook group full of like-minded people ready to really make money!


We Only Started This Team in March 2020 and Already We’ve Got These Life-Changing Stats:
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“I was hoping to find an opportunity that provided training. Luckily for me Copy Paste Earn provides step-by-step training.”


Sally Bailey

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“Not only can you make money with your cell phone. But you can easily generate multiple streams of revenue.”

Tiffany Gray

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“I am so excited to finally be involved in a network marketing opportunity that requires everyone to work as a team.”

Joseph Palmer

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Copy Paste Earn succeeds on the efforts of us, as a team. So, what you think and want matters to us. Have a suggestion on how to improve our system or strategies to earn more? Let us know. We’re always ready to hear from you and work with you. After all, teamwork makes the dream work.


Have a question about Copy Paste Earn? You'll find the answers right here.
Copy Paste Earn is a platform that offers individuals just like you the opportunity to make money online from home. We offer approved home-based business opportunities to help you earn through residual income. We built a system that attracts visitors using the very simple copy and paste formula – which ultimately leads to more sign-ups (potential earnings).

All opportunities that are listed on our website have been carefully chosen and deemed to meet our selection criteria. We look at the factors that will ensure the opportunity can benefit each of us before listing it. Our criteria are based on various conditions which include (but not limited to) age of the company, compensation plan, opportunity for passive income, monthly fee, registration fee, etc.

Joining our team (Copy Paste Earn) is free of charge. Each opportunity listed above has different membership and monthly fees. Please refer to each opportunity to learn more about their fees.

If you sign up for an opportunity on this page, your referral link will be added to the link rotator for six months. You will also receive a webpage just like this one with your very own link rotator. Your referral link will remain in your webpage’s rotator permanently or as long as you remain active in sending traffic to your webpage.

Getting started is easy and just requires 4 simple steps: Step 1: Watch the opportunity videos; Step 2: Sign up for an opportunity; Step 3: Submit your sign-up link; Step 4: Network with us in our private Facebook group. Your link will be added, you can start implementing our strategies for website traffic, and you’re on your way to earning monthly residual income.
We’ve seen the results, and we know that Copy Paste Earn works. But, no one can guarantee 100% success. However, it is all up to you – you get out what you put in. The more you help the team as a whole, the more you’ll profit as a member of it.
Absolutely! You are free to join all the opportunities available on this webpage.
We won’t expect you to go out and recruit anyone. We are not that type of team. All you need to do is share the webpage link and get more sign-ups. What we do ask is that our members avoid spamming in their efforts to share their link. This method doesn’t work and can cause you to lose out on getting new sign-ups. Other than that, you’re free to get creative and implement the tips and strategies from our private Facebook group.
Sorry, but no. This opportunity to have your sign-up link added to our link rotator is strictly for members who signed up for the opportunity via this web page. Every link submitted will be verified before being added to our link rotator.
To cancel your membership with us (Copy Paste Earn), simply send us a message using our contact form. To cancel your membership with one of the opportunities, please visit their website for details on cancelling your membership. If you need help, feel free to contact us.


Copy Paste Earn is a platform that offers approved home-based business opportunities. Members work together as a team to succeed using the copy, paste & earn method.

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